About us

Only a creative chocolatier can shape chocolate in a different shape and connect your emotions. We believe that chocolate gifts are not only pleasing to the plate but they are also a treat for the eyes.

Since our chocolates are ‘Heartmade’, Love is our only secret ingredient to our chocolates!

There is one thing which we can’t deny and it is none other than our love for chocolates. Making chocolate is not the end journey for us, we infuse our creativity, passion and dreams to make it perfect.
Chocolate has often been called the love drug for several reasons. It is one of the most popular gifts of love and there’s something in that aroma and taste that instantly uplifts our mood and make us feel happy. It contains a complex material that is made of several compounds that have a strange influence on the brain, producing a sense of pure delight like no one else.
It is simply the key to eternal happiness. At least 9 out of 10 people love to delve into yummy chocolates and the 10th one always lies! So, with chocolate as a gift option for your loved ones, you can never go wrong.
We bring for you a whole range of chocolate boxes for your gifting occasions. Our chocolate boxes come with colorful patterns in attractive designs which make the gifts more appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

Continuous applause and support from our customers, friends and loved one has kept us inspired to create something unique.

Meet our Master Chocolatier, Toral!

"I founded The Chocolate Connections in 2014 from a desire to share my passion for fine and special chocolates with my peers. I think that chocolate is an experience between people that brings them together and relieve fine and mixed feelings.

Chocolate represents a mixture of good ingredient, love and experiments. So from my past experiments, I want to offer, learn and share with people this kind of an experience. I put my imagination, creativity, a lot of love, gratefulness and a little dust of stars and dreams to give JOY! Everything starts with a dream, with the power of imagination.

"THINK Good. DO Good. BE Good"