1. What is the shelf life of the chocolates?
We recommend that the chocolates be consumed within 3 months. Each batch of chocolates is made fresh against an order.

2. Which colors can be printed on chocolates?
Almost any color can be printed on chocolates. We can print, text, logos and photographs too.

3. Is the printing done on the chocolates safe to eat?
The colors used for printing on the chocolates are USFDA approved. We procure the best ingredients used to print on chocolates and they conform to international standards.

4. Are the chocolates vegetarian?
Yes. 100% Jain

5. Do you also make sugar free chocolates?
We do offer sugar free chocolates even for individual retail orders. You can contact us for further information.

6. How are the chocolate boxes shipped? How much time will it take to deliver the chocolates?
We partner with best shipping co. They deliver to most locations in India. To most major cities and metros in India they deliver in 1-2 days. However other location may take longer.
Please note that we will ship the order as soon as possible but that may depend on how many orders we are handling in a day. During holiday season or occasions like Valentine's Day do allow for some extra time to ensure that your gift is received on time.

7. Can I get the gift delivered on a specific day or a specific time?
Once the package is picked up by Blue Dart we give you the waybill no. through which the shipment can be tracked on their website. The delivery of the gift is according to their schedule and we cannot guarantee that delivery will happen on a certain day or time.

8. Can the gift be delivered to an institutional addresses - schools, colleges, hospital or an office?
Yes, we can ship it to the address given but we would request you to inform the correct person who will receive the package. We are frequently faced with situations where the package was received at the reception and held there. In such a case there is nothing we can do.

9. How are the chocolates packed?
The chocolate boxes are packed properly, during summer we pack in insulated Thermocol box. In warm temperatures, we recommend that you purchase a Cooling Gel Pack in the box at the time of checkout.  

10. What is the best way to store chocolates?
Chocolates should be stored in a dry and hygienic place in temperatures less than 25 degrees Celsius. In winter they can be safely kept indoors. During summer it is better to keep them in an air-conditioned room, away from the sun. They do not require refrigeration. Refrigeration may sometimes cause problems. As soon as the chocolates are taken out of the refrigerator a film of moisture develops on them because of condensation. Avoid direct sunlight in all seasons!

11. Do you have other packaging options?
We can create a customized packaging for large orders of more than 100 units. Both the size of the box and the material can be changed. 

12. What is the lead time?
For online orders, the maximum lead time is about 7 days. For bulk order (100-2000 boxes) it would be 1-2 weeks. For order size above 2000 boxes, lead time will be communicated at the time the order is placed. Please note that lead time may vary during holiday season.

13. How to place an order for personalized gift boxes?
For smaller order size, we take orders online. For large orders we would like to meet or call to discuss specifications.